About Applied Piezo

Applied Piezo:

  • creates new business
  • promotes piezo technology
  • stimulates knowledge development and innovation
  • provides a network where knowledge, expertise and products can be exchanged

We make piezo work for you!

Todays industry can profit from the unique properties of piezo technology. Purpose-designed services based on advanced scientific knowledge and innovative technology aimed at the support of industry will translate the opportunities of piezo technology into existing and new products. Use of these unique qualities will open a world of unexploited possibilities and applications.

One stop shop for piezo solutions

The aim of the AppliedPiezo.com is to facilitate the access of industry to utilization of piezo technology. We will help you evaluate and benefit from the advantages of piezo technology and support you from idea to production. Applied Piezo is a group of cooperating industrial companies and universities with supplemental expertise in the field of piezo technology.