Piezo MEMS

What are piezo MEMS?
Piezo MEMS are Micro Electro Mechanical Systems with piezo as active component. When these miniaturized devices are coupled with IC (integrated circuit) components they are able to interact with the environment or other on-chip parts. The piezo MEMS sensor or actuator are widely used in industry in electromechanic, optoelectronic or micro-fluidic systems. Examples are piezo MEMS accelleration sensors, micromirrors, lab-on a-chip and inktjet printheads.

Nano positions apllications
Although piezo MEMS originally emerged from the IC industry and was mainly based on IC technology over the years new functional materials and fabrication processes have been developed. The piezo MEMS microactuators and microsensors are fabricated on a single substrate through the use of thin film piezoelectric and structural materials. Such thin film materials are deposited using standard semiconductor thin film techniques such as spin coating, sputtering, and evaporation. The films are patterned and etched using standard photolithography tools and chemical etching methods in order to form the desired device structure. A good example of a new technique is the fabrication of piezo MEMS with the Pulsed Laser Deposition proces developed in the SmartPie consortium.

Applied Piezo

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