Piezo Ultrasonic

Piezo Ultrasonic application fields
The application of piezo ultrasonic devices is practically unlimited. Typical application fields are:

  • transducers
  • sensors
  • motors

From Piezo Ultrasonic to electrical energy
Piezo ultrasonic transducers and motors both exploit the indirect piezoelectric effect. Electrical energy is converted to obtain oscillation of the piezoelectric element at one of its resonance frequencies in the ultrasonic range. The increase in oscillation amplitude of the actuator due to resonance means that a lower drive voltage can be used. The working frequencies of piezo ultrasonic devices range from 10 kHz to 10 MHz.

An example of the direct use is in cleaning applications. In a piezo ultrasonic motor, the oscillation is used in combination with a smooth frictional contact, so as to obtain practically unlimited motion of a slider.

A piezo ultrasonic sensor typically exploits both the direct as well as the indirect piezoelectric effect. An example is found in parking sensors, in which the amount of reflection of the ultrasonic wave is measure of the parking distance.

Applied Piezo

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