Piezoelectric Actuators

Various types of piezoelectric actuators exist

  • stack actuators (d33-operation)
  • shear actuators (d15-operation)
  • bending actuators (d13-operation)

Actuators may consist of

  • bulk material (high-voltage)
  • multi-layer (low-voltage)

Piezoelectric actuators are characterized by

  • small displacement (typically several microns)
  • high accuracy (typically nanometer resolution)
  • high force
  • high stiffness
  • high bandwidth
  • minimal static energy consumption

The stroke of piezoelectric actuators is limited by the maximum electric field that may be applied. The maximum stroke of a stack actuator typically is approximately 0.1% of its length.

The stroke of piezoelectric actuators can be increased by means of mechanical amplification. An increase of stroke is inherently accompanied by a reduction of force, stiffness, and bandwidth.

A piezoelectric bender may be regarded as an actuator with built-in amplification. The maximum stroke of a bender may be more than 1% of its length.

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