Piezo Switch

About piezo switch
In both professional and consumer products, switches are the main element by which the operator of a technical apparatus can influence its operational functionality. Hence, switching is the essential element of any User Interface (UI). Contemporary UIs are increasingly often realized by means of touch buttons, touch panels or touch screens basewd on a piezo switch. These buttons, panels or screens operate in such a way that hardly any mechanical work is needed from the operator in order to realize a switching action, implying that there is a minimization of motions and of the number of moving parts, which results in many advantages. Furthermore, touch panels and screens are one of the most flexible input devices, due to the fact that the interface is designed in software. No problem with different languages, or high initial costs for small changes

The advantages of a piezo switch
The success of touch-operated UIs based on a piezo switch is based on different factors. First, sophisticated manufacturing processes have been established that allow for low cost mass production of switches that are subsequently easily assembled in the containing product. Secondly, touch is being associated with contemporary, young, futirustic electronics and clean design, a factor of growing importance. Already, many of the most highly-desired products like MP3 players, mobile phones, etc. are associated with touch. A piezo switch can offer these advantages very well.

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