The Leuven Piezo Motor

The Leuven piezo motor: velocity, force and resolution
Modern industrial production processes in for example the semi-conductor industry, inspection machines and the medical industry require highly-accurate positioning systems. Several industrial applications evolve from the micrometre accuracy into the (sub-)nanometre accuracy. On the other hand a high speed and unlimited stroke are demanded. At the KU Leuven a piezo motor, the Leuven Piezo Motor, has been developed that combines a high velocity, force and resolution. This is possible because the piezo motor can operate in four different drive modes.

Resonant drive mode
To achieve high speed and large stroke operation of the Leuven piezo motor can operate in resonant drive mode. Speeds up to 300 mm/s can be achieved with a stroke of more than 100 mm. At direct drive mode the piezo motor imitates the properties of a piezo actuator. High stiffness and sub nanometer resolution. The Leuven piezo motor can also operate in pulse drive mode and stepping mode to extend the stroke without compromising positioning resolution.

This Leuven piezo motor can operate in demanding environments like cryogenic, (ultra-high) vacuum and non-magnetic situations.

Applied Piezo

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