Introduction piezo presentations

High-tech systems are increasingly complex. They depend more and more on mechatronic solutions to enhance accuracy, low cost price or other requirements. These requirements can be met by piezo electric mechatronic systems. During High-Tech Systems 2013 various presentations will be given about piezo electric mechatronic systems. The conference is organized by the Applied piezo foundation as part of her dissemination activities for the SmartPie research program in which new piezo materials and applications were developed.

New insights on piezo active damping of floor vibrations and internal machine vibrations will be presented. This will help high-tech production machines or analyzing tools to meet their accuracy demands.

Another development today is wireless sensing. To provide the energy for these wireless sensors piezo energy harvesting can be used. Insights on this rapidly developing technique will be shared.

We will explain why piezo electric systems are extremely interesting not only from a technical point of view but also in manufacturing aspects.

The concluding presentation will show the increased use of piezo electric systems in the automotive industry. The use of piezo electric fuel injection systems have not only improved automobile performance, but also decreased emissions to the environment. In a modern car there are numerous other applications of piezo electric systems either as sensor or actuator.

Every visitor to the conference will receive Applied Piezo’s book ”The hidden use of piezo technology in applications all around us”.

The presentations are supported by information booths just outside the conference room. Various companies and institutions working on piezo technology will present their work and show their applications.

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