The hidden use of piezo technology in applications all around us

Author: Eddy Brinkman
ISBN: 978-90-79926-03-9
Paperback, 39 fullcolor illustrations, 59 pages
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This book gives you an insight in the ubiquitous use of piezo technology. Through everyday examples we show you that often without realizing, you make use of piezo technology several times each day. This is what we call “the hidden use of piezo technology in applications all around us” Applied Piezo and its affiliated organisations are working on new piezo technology and applications everyday. With this book we hope to give you an insight in the contribution of our work on modern day society. We hope that you may benefit from our work and enjoy this book.

Introduction – piezo in a nutshell 4
History of piezo 6
Piezoelectricity – the basicsPiezoelectricity – the basics 10
How to make piezoelectric products? 14
Applications 18
     Consumer products 18
     Sports 24
     Automotive 26
     Mobile communication 30
     Computers and printing 34
     Medical diagnostics 40
     Chemical analysis & laboratories 46
     Lithographic equipment 50
The future of piezo 54
SmartPie 58
Stichting/Foundation Applied Piezo 59